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Something is eating my Buxus hedge, could it be Buxus moth?

Buxus Moth and its Impact:
The Buxus moth (Cydalima perspectalis) is a common pest that feeds on Buxus plants, resulting in defoliation and significant damage.
If something is eating your Buxus hedgeand you notice caterpillars with black heads and green bodies, it is likely the Buxus moth caterpillar.
To control Buxus moths and caterpillars:
Handpick caterpillars: Regularly inspect your plants and remove the caterpillars by hand.
Use pheromone traps:
These traps attract and capture adult moths, reducing their population.
Apply Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt): This natural bacterium can be sprayed on the plants to control caterpillars effectively

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